Information, Advice & Family Support

What We Do For Parents & Carers

We provide information, advice and support to parents and carers of a child with a disability, additional need or complex need.

Our service is free and will help you to navigate and interpret the sometimes complicated world of special educational needs and disability.

• Play workers and volunteers help and offer language support.
• Talks and information for parent carers specialist health visitors, clinical psychologist, therapists and speakers from other organisations.
• Door to Door transport to and from sessions, if required

• Holiday sessions, outings and parties for the whole family.

Outreach Support Line

Our telephone support line is open from 8am-8pm to offer a helping hand with a range of issues that may be troubling you. If you need someone to talk to you maybe in a crisis and don’t know what to do, please call. Rest assured, if we are unable to help, we will do our very best to find someone who can.

We can also assist with general advice in relation to benefits, housing and immigration but for more detailed targeted advice, you will need to book an appointment to see our legal advisor during a workshops.

Parent Carer Evenings

 We organise parent/carer evenings each term.  They provide an environment allowing friendships to develop and mutual support for parents who are able to share their experiences.

One parent quoted:

“It’s good to speak to other families and comforting to know you are not alone”

Door to Door Transport

 P.E.S.T.S. provide transport across the borough, to bring families together within the community for play and support sessions and leisure activities.

Family Fun Days

We organise family events and outings.  The aim is for families to enjoy a typical outing. Trips include adventure playgrounds with sensory activities, swimming and parties at various venues throughout Ealing and its neighbouring boroughs. Care is taken when selecting venues, ensuring the needs of children are met.  This encourages and strengthens friendships between families, who are often isolated during a time they would not normally have an opportunity to meet.  Our experienced staff and volunteers offer 1:1 support where needed, allowing the whole family to experience a supportive and enjoyable time. More…

Clothes Bank

P.E.S.T.S. are working with Tesco to provide clothing to those in need.

What we offer:

New Clothing for children such as t shirts, pyjamas, nighties, socks, underwear, shoes, slippers, baby clothes, nappies and various other items for ages 0-10 yrs.

We are in the process of setting up a page for our Clothes Bank and this will be available very soon.

If you are in urgent need, please contact us on 020 8571 9954